Welcome to La Boscaglia - Farmhouse

In 2011 Mirko took over part of the hunting estate here at La Boscaglia. He got me involved in the project, which represented a unique opportunity to live and work how and where I had always dreamed of; in wide open spaces, full of life while at the same time silent and peaceful that you can only find in the countryside.

Along with our two children, we have cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, pheasants …. along with wild boar, various types of deer, squirrels, martens, foxes, various birds, falcons….we are definitely a cheerful, very cheerful group!

I can’t wait to meet you…

Jenny and Mirko…

My name is Jenny and I come from a town far away. I love horses, and always have, and in 2004 I was able to realise a dream by coming to Tuscany to work with these beautiful creatures. I should have stayed just 6 months, but it turned into a year, then 3….. To meet new friends in a foreign country I decided to follow another of my true passions and joined a Latin American dance course in Colle Val D’Elsa, and at the risk of sounding rather cliché I found love, Mirko!

Mirko is born and bred in the Val D’Elsa, part of the sweet and sour countryside of Siena that is full of beauty and nature in its most characteristic form. Mirko has been in and around the Carline natural park, which is where you find our farmhouse, since he was a child, bought here by his passion for hunting dogs. He is so part of this area that I can quite easily say that he knows the woods better than the roads! If left in a City Mirko would very easily get lost, but take him in the middle of the woods and he will always get away with it!

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